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If you are in a dilemma, trying to select the best budget-friendly drone, you are at the right place. The selection criteria can indeed get intimidating, as not all the pocket-friendly drones are durable. The internet is over pouring with low quality manufacturers, and your hard earned money is at stake.

We have handpicked the top ten drones under $300. Moreover, these affordable drones can be the best platform for the novices. Gradually, you can learn the ways to control the drone. Later, you can decide investing on more advanced drones.

Top 10 Drones under $300 (Ranked on performance) :

Serial No. Image Name Camera Range Time Weight Ranking Check Best Price
1 Holy Stone HS720 Drone Holy Stone HS720 2K 1600m 26 min 1.1lbs 1 Check Best Price
2 Contixo F24 Pro Drone Contixo F24 Pro 4K 2000m 30 min 1.14 lbs 2 Check Best Price
3 Altair Outlaw SE Drone Altair Outlaw SE 1080p 1000m 18-20 min 3.13lbs 3 Check Best Price
4 Holy Stone HS100G Drone Holy Stone HS100G 1080p 500m 12-15 min 1.7lbs 4 Check Best Price
5 UPair One Plus Drone UPair One Plus 4K 2000m 19 min 2.97lbs 5 Check Best Price
6 Holy Stone HS120D Drone Holy Stone HS120D 1080p 300m 18 min 7.8 ounces 6 Check Best Price
7 Walkera Rodeo 150 Drone Walkera Rodeo 150 600Tvl 800m 8 min 0.16 ounces 7 Check Best Price
8 MJX BW2 Bugs Drone MJX BW2 Bugs 5W 1080p 300m 15 min 14.1 ounces 8 Check Best Price
9 Hubsan X4 H501S Drone Hubsan X4 H501S 1080p 300m 20 min 3.6lbs 9 Check Best Price
10 Altair AA108 Drone Altair AA108 720p 100m 8-10 min 1.64lbs 10 Check Best Price

1. Holy Stone HS720

The Chinese drone manufacturer Holy Stone has been in the limelight for manufacturing incredible drones of various types. HS720, which is an upgrade from the appealing HS100, has all the bells and whistles that earns it the numero uno spot in the list.

The sturdy and foldable drone boasts of a host of features, that too, at such an affordable price. When you start flying it, you will experience unbound fun. The FHD camera with a resolution of 2K captures video footage in crisp details. What more! The camera is shock-proof, thus making it steady even in the hostile weather conditions.

The 26-minute flight time and a range of 1600 meters are rather impressive. It incorporates an intelligent battery; it alerts you when the battery starts draining. The charging time is over five hours. With features like optical flow system, GPS return home, one-key return, one-key takeoff, and landing, this is inarguably the best drone you can get.


High-quality camera for capturing video footage.

It does not make noise while in flight.

It is foldable and is easy to carry.

The drone is very responsive to commands.

Impressive flight range and time.


The long battery charging time. The non-inclusion of a spare battery makes the fun short-lived.


2. Contixo F24 Pro

Next in our list is the stylish Contixo F24 Pro. It is a compact, foldable drone and is exceptionally sturdy. The manufacturer has introduced a 4K camera, a welcome upgrade from its predecessor. Now, you can capture exceptional visuals and pictures when you fly the drone in the air.

The brushless motors are the main USP of this drone. Since they have a high power to weight ratio, they last longer. The best part, it hardly requires any maintenance. The drone can automatically return at the base if it detects a signal loss, or when its battery starts draining.

The 30-minute flight time guarantees a thrilling experience. You can make full utilization of the drone as it can travel up to 2000 meters. It also comes with features like Follow Me, Orbit Mode, Gesture Control, and many more. This is the ideal drone for those looking for the best video resolution and the best in-flight capabilities.


The brushless motors.

Exceptional flying time.

The drone remains steady even in rough weather.

Novices can handle this drone correctly.


There are no spare batteries. Some users have reported, they do not get the flight time as per the claims of the manufacturer.


3. Altair Outlaw SE

Altair Outlaw SE has all the elements to surprise you. If you are searching for a drone to use for professional-quality photographs and videos, that too at a budget-friendly price, this drone is a perfect choice.

The drone is bulky; thus, it requires an FAA registration before flying it. Surprisingly, it does not incorporate a 4K camera, yet the 1080p camera is capable of taking breathtaking footage. The bonus addition is the FPV feature, which lets you see the footage in real-time via Wi-Fi. It is also compatible with VR modes.

The flight time is satisfactory, but it does not have a long flight range. Still, it is a good option for a novice. The drone also has a return-to-home feature; thus, you will never lose sight of it when it runs out of battery or loses signal.


Good flight time and there is the provision of ordering spare batteries.

The camera takes stunning images and videos.

The customer support of the manufacturer is world-class.

The drone packs several features.


There are inexpensive drones with similar features. It can take a while for the beginners to make it fly.


4. Holy Stone HS100G

Here comes another interesting drone from Holy Stone. The design and features of the drone will suit the likes of teenagers. It has all the essential elements but isn’t complicated. The drone is massive, which is why you will need an FAA registration at first. Do not go by its size; you will find flying it a lot of fun.

The flight time is not very high and gives you 12-15 minutes of flying experience. The charging time is also a bit on the upper side. It can take up to 3 hours to fully recharge the batteries. The FHD 1080p camera is capable of capturing quality pictures. The camera angle is adjustable to 90-degrees.

The follow-me mode, GPS assisted flight, and the FPV modes will make the experience even more enjoyable. The headless mode, one-key takeoff and landing, and safety features are also worth a mention.


A host of impressive features.

The drone is easy to operate.

The drone looks stylish, and the camera captures crisp images and videos.


The battery charging time is too long for the comfort of many.

The flight time could have been better. It can pose a problem when flying in windy conditions.


5. UPair One Plus

Well, you would not believe, at this price, you can get a drone supporting a 4K camera. And that is not all. The stylish and robust drone boasts of various features, and yet the controls are super-easy. The GPS aids the flight, and it is quite steady once on air.

At this price range, when you get a drone that has a flight time of 19 minutes, it will not fail to impress. Additionally, it is capable of flying up to 2000 meters. It will stun you with breathtaking images and live videos. Even professional photographers will love working with this drone.

Among the other useful features, the full GPS lock lets you search and lock the drone. It also comes with the auto return-to-home feature. Going by the specifications, we repeatedly found it hard to believe; the drone is available in such a budget-friendly price.


The camera quality is exceptional.

The flight control range is excellent.

The flight time is impressive.

The drone is sturdy.


Often users complain of getting defective units; that is a blow to their goodwill. It does not have a definite flight plan.


6. Holy Stone HS120D

Drones from Holy Stone keep appearing on the list for all the right reasons. The light-weight drone is ideal for beginners. As you can figure out from the table, the weight of the drone makes it feasible to carry it wherever you go.

The 1080p camera does a decent job of clicking footage and photographs. It also has a full field view of 120-degrees and an adjustable limit of 75-degrees. Naturally, you can capture images and videos from various angles. The GPS-enabled drone keeps your worries at bay about losing the drone.

The 18-minute battery time is also respectable, considering its price. It takes near about two hours to charge the batteries. However, the flight range is on the lower side at 300 meters only. Novices will have plenty of features to experiment like the Tap Fly and Follow Me modes.


Using the drone is a breeze.

The camera quality is excellent.

Adjustable camera angles.

The drone includes LED lights for night flying operations.


Getting a spare battery is not easy. Calibrating can sometimes be an issue for new users.


7. Walkera Rodeo 150

If you are interested in participating in drone racing, Walkera Rodeo 150 is the best racing drone for you. Precisely, the drone can be your foundation to help you understand these drones better. You can even use it for competing against some of the low-end drones.

As already mentioned, the drone is a stepping stone for your future drone races; the 8-minute flight time should be enough for the newbie. Still, you can consider investing in newer batteries if you intend to fly longer. The 600 TVL camera works sincerely in reporting you on the ongoing activities in the racing track. You can keep an eye on the FPV monitor to do so.

It does not boast of a host of features other than the brushless motors. The drone is best suited for the die-hard drone racing enthusiasts. Those who prefer taking photographs or video footage should look elsewhere.


The drone is best for new drone racers.

The brushless motors are a welcome addition.

It is easy to handle the drone.

The price is very affordable.


The drone does not come with an FPV monitor and FPV glasses. The 8-minute flight time may limit the fun for some people.


8. MJX BW2 Bugs 5W

The affordable MJX lets you explore the ins and outs of drones at an affordable price. It supports all the features you expect from drones like GPS, Follow Me mode, camera, and much more. The inbuilt camera will not disappoint those who love taking aerial photographs.

During our reviews, the camera looked way better than the contemporary 2MPX sensors, available at this price. Unless the conditions are too windy, image quality promises to be good. Then again, it has an integrated GPS module also.

The manufacturer claims the drone has a flight range of 1000 meters. However, in our tests, it did not go beyond 500 meters. The flying time around 15-18 minutes appears good. At least, we do not remember any other similar-priced models offering such versatility. Entry-level drone enthusiasts can consider buying this drone.


The inbuilt 1080p camera.

Good flight time considering its price.

It is flexible, and anyone using it will find handling the drone easy.


The camera can vibrate in windy conditions.

The intelligent flight modes are limited. It does not include a 3-axis gimbal system.


9. Hubsan X4 H501S

The features and the price of the Hubsan X4 should be encouraging for those looking for a feature-packed drone at an affordable cost.

At the very first, the package contents will surprise you. It contains a video transmitter along with an LCD FPV screen and a powerful battery. Procuring extra batteries is easy, as it is readily available in Amazon. The GPS mode can help you to capture aerial shots. The drone also works via headless mode and can reach up to a proper height.

The 20-minute flight time can give a run of the money to many high-end drones manufactures. It can take some time (two hours) to recharge. So, it is feasible to have some spare batteries in hand. The 300-meter flight range can be disappointing. The photo and video qualities are also good.


The camera quality is excellent.

The flight time is impressive.

The spare parts or things for its maintenance are readily available from online portals like Amazon.


The charging time could have been better.

Sometimes, when the drone is going in full throttle, controlling it can become an issue.


10. Altair AA108

The kids are equally interested in flying drones. Though they know little or nothing about drones, yet their craving for owing a drone is very much present. Altair AA 108 is a prudent choice for such kids and even adults. You can try the tiny camera, which does a good job.

The power-packed features include one-button takeoff and landing, altitude hold, headless mode, a beginner-level control setting, and joystick controls. When kids are playing with a drone, you do not want them to go too far away from your site. Thus, the 100-meter flight range and 8-10 minutes range is just what the doctor ordered for them.

It can avoid obstacles and shoot pictures. But, the absence of GPS can make it uninteresting to the more experienced drone lovers. Understandably, it does not possess the automatic home return feature. Nevertheless, its short flight range compensates for this feature. Chances of the drone getting out of sight are rare owing to its flying range. Apart from this, it has all the necessary ingredients to help your kid become familiar with the drone flying concept.


The drone can be the right learning curve for kids.

The camera does take good quality pictures.

It has low-battery and out of range alarms.


The absence of GPS.

The flight range of 100 meters could have been better.