Ultimately, you decide on buying a drone. The idea of piloting the drones that let you survey the areas near you and take breathtaking photos and videos seems too good to resist. You have also learned, modern drones have become affordable, and this is the ideal time to hit the skies.

However, refrain from making hasty decisions before acquiring your dream machine. In this guide, we will introduce you to every bit of information that can influence your first purchase. Furthermore, we will familiarize you with all the essential features on the drone that matters to you.

The various types of drones

While trying to select drones, you will of course witness a wide variety of models; they, however, come under two broad categories, the large camera-bearing drones, and the ones that are lighter camera-bearing drones. Then there is also a category for the hobbyists, who focus on piloting the drone and do not require aerial photos. The last category of drones is the cheapest of the lot. For those who are eager to let your children get a hang of flying the UAVs, you can opt for the toy drones that you can fly indoors.

Cameras and drones have become synonymous at present. Therefore, do not be surprised if you come across low-cost drones that accompany a camera. Needless to say, the image quality will be below par compared to the more expensive drones, but it is still fun experimenting with them.

If you are a beginner, a standard camera drone should be more than enough. And of course, we must also mention the racing drones. As the name suggests, these drones can clock exceptional speeds and offer unlimited excitement when they fly them. Lastly, professional drones are indispensable for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Naturally, these drones can cost a few thousand dollars but they are worth the money.

The essential features to look for

Now, that you know about the drone classifications, you might think the price tag determines the quality of the drone. The price indication offers you a sneak peek towards the capabilities of the machine. You must know the exact specifications which will lead you to purchase the drone that accurately fits your requirements. Here are the details:

Battery Life

One of the prime factors you should check is its battery life. Drones will eventually run out of juice and cannot hover the skies for eternity. Just to let you know, even the best drones available do not fly more than half-an-hour. Of course, you can opt for extra batteries and extend the flying time. But, right at the start, check the time till which these batteries will last.

Brushless Motors

What is the big deal about brushless motors? You will often come across this term when you are browsing for the best drones. Do understand, the brushless motors will be costlier, but they guarantee noiseless flights in comparison to the brushed ones. Furthermore, brushless motors will last much longer and save your recurring costs of replacing them often.


Here comes the most vital consideration. After all, it is all because of the camera, these drones attract such a huge fan following. For the professionals, the camera quality is the ultimate consideration. They might not be content with the models that come integrated with cameras. In such circumstances, you should opt for the models that offer the convenience of attaching external cameras on the drone.

Presently, you will find drones boasting of 4K camera quality. Then there are those that are good enough capturing medium to low-quality pictures and videos. So, decide which of these suits you best and then finalize your selection. 

Integrated GPS

As a novice, chances are, you will mess up the flight experience. Models that come with an integrated GPS will help you track them. Additionally, these drones include a feature, RTH (Return-to-home) that makes it convenient for the machine to return to its base.

Headless mode

Again, when you are navigating a drone initially, controlling it is easier said than done. Thus, drones that come with headless mode can be of great help. The said function lets the drone hover in a direction relative to you when you operate the controller in a specific direction. Without the headless mode, the drone will move relative to where the joystick points, making the controlling more difficult for you.


The follow-me-mode generally features in the GPS integrated drones. It aids you in tracking the UAV across the ground or any other places where you intend flying it. It lets you focus on the other essential aspects like recording the aerial shots and the gradual progress. You must check the reviews of the available drones that include this feature to understand which of them works the best for your requirements.


If you are searching for drones for quite some time now, then we guess you are familiar with the term gimbal. It is one of the essential elements for camera drones, and its function is to keep the camera steady when it is on the skies. Weather elements like high altitude and gusty winds will have little effect on the drone, and it will capture the images and videos steadily.

Obstacle avoidance

You might not be ready for this feature unless you are ready to spend a few extra bucks. However, the feature is extremely handy. During your initial piloting sessions, there is every chance of committing a mistake. As a result, the drone can crash with an obstacle. The aforesaid feature will protect it and keep your drone safe.


Lastly, you must know how far your drone can go, so that you do not lose access to controlling it. Naturally, the expensive and premium-quality drones have greater ranges. However, it is advisable, regardless of the range; you should keep the drone close to your viewing distance for the best results.


Hopefully, now it will be much more convenient for you picking up the right drone. Do remember, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how it will work before operating it. Last but not the least, understand the rules of the FAA and then hit the skies.