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Best Drones under $2000 (Ranked on flight time)

Serial No. Image Name Camera Range Time Weight Our Ranking Check Best Price
1   DJI Mavic Pro 2 4K 8000m 31 mins 1.99lbs 1 Check Best Price
2   DJI Mavic 2 Zoom DJI Mavic 2 Zoom 4K 8000m 31 mins 3.74lbs 2 Check Best Price
3   Power Vision Power Eye PowerVision PowerEye 4K 5000m 29 mins 8.70lbs 4 Check Best Price
4   Yuneec Q500 Drone Yuneec YUNQ4KPUS Q500 4K 800m 20 mins 2.5lbs 3 Check Best Price
  1. DJI Mavic Pro 2
Dji mavic pro 2 drone

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is a worthy successor of the Mavic Pro. It is one of the first drones that uses a Hasselblad camera. As you can expect, it can shoot 4K at 30fps and stunning still images. Despite its all-around features, it can be folded and can fit inside a bag.

Initially, it is hard to differentiate between the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2. However, the camera is much bigger and added sensors for avoiding obstacles. Its 31 minutes flight time is the best flight time at the moment.

While on a flight, the Mavic Pro 2 is swift and responsive. It is quieter, and the one-inch sensor size and adjustable aperture; the camera can click pictures even in low-lights. The photos and videos boast of impressive color depth and dynamic range.

It is clear, Mavic Pro 2 has improved in leaps and bounds in comparison to its predecessor. The drone has all the right ingredients to make it a must-buy for drone enthusiasts.


Excellent image quality.

Quieter and stable flights.

It has extended battery life.

Abundant safety features

Foldable design

The best obstacle avoidance sensors


Infrequent issues with the app.


Mavic Pro 2 is tailor-made for the professionals. There isn’t any folding drone right now that can deliver such superb image quality. It is a tad expensive than its rivals, but it is well worth it.


2. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

The bigger and heavier Mavic impresses in all departments. Owing to its foldable design, it can easily fit into any camera bags. The drone features a lossless zoom when you are recording 4k videos. It is only the camera that differentiates it with the Mavic 2 Pro.

Professional photographers and videographers will immediately fall in love with this drone. The zoom lens provides a host of facilities like the ability to change focal length during recording. Similarly, the on-sensor phase detection autofocus is an impressive addition.

The crisp and colorful 4K videos, along with gimbal stabilization, keeps the drone super steady even in tricky conditions. Though in some aspects the Mavic Pro 2 seems to perform better, it is still worth a buy.


Smooth and crisp 4K videos.

2x optical zoom lens clicks the best pictures.

Long-lasting battery life.

High-resolution stitched image mode.


The internal memory is limited.

It does not include the DCI aspect ratio.


The Zoom feature makes this drone the numero uno choice for every professional drone enthusiasts. Furthermore, it packs quite a punch with its impressive features. This is undoubtedly a drone, you can consider for boosting your aerial shots.


3. PowerVision PowerEye

Power Vision Power Eye

The PowerEye promises great footage along with a host of incredible features. The drone aims to attract the professionals, and it does so successfully. It ticks all the boxes right, the ones you expect from a professional level drone.

The PowerEye, unlike the other drones in this category, is not quite compact. It is also more massive, but it can fold, and it fits nicely inside the carry case that comes with it. The drone boasts of a dual camera set up that lets you shoot two simultaneous video streams. It also equips all the necessary sensors for capturing the best quality images.

The 29 minute flight time will impress just about anyone. The 4/3” CMOS sensor and lens choices are the best in the business and let you experiment with the creative side while clicking images.


It includes a thermal camera for detecting fire or heat.

Interchangeable lenses.

It is capable of quality images and videos.


The absence of an obstacle avoidance system.


Yet one more drone that the professional videographers and photographers would love to hold in their hands. The thermal capabilities are surely a bonus. Go and try this one out; you will not regret it.


4. Yuneec Q500

yuneec q500 4k

The Yuneec Q500 is best suited for first-time drone buyers. It is stable and offers a lot of control for the user. It is one of the drones that boasts of the best build quality. The design is also appealing at first sight.

For the newcomers, a flight time of about 20 minutes or thereabout is not bad at all. The drone also comes with another battery if you seek more time to explore and shoot. The camera is capable of shooting 4K/30fps ultra high definition video and 1080p/120fps slow-motion video. It ensures a stable video stream unless it encounters a big obstacle, such as a building.

Ideally, the drone aims at giving you a stable platform for the camera. It does not possess the ability to gain speeds or maneuvering. The novices would be more than happy with this feature.


LCD integrated controller eliminates the need for other gadgets to make it fly.

The flight guarantees steadiness.

The gimbaled camera ensures smooth and stable videos.


It does not have any obstacle avoiding mechanism.

Its flight can be affected in windy conditions.


The Yuneec Q500 can be an excellent addition for those looking for a drone with an affordable aerial photo shooting capabilities. The camera is tailor-made for capturing stunningly smooth videos that should impress everyone.