Top 7 Drones for Kids

Flying drones is fast becoming a trendy hobby for everyone. Furthermore, it also offers more serious-minded people the right career choice. Given that there are drones for every age group regardless of their experience, why should the kids miss out on the fun? Courtesy of a wide range of drones for kids, they can learn the introductory lessons of flying a drone. As a parent, this page will help you select the right drone for your kid.

Sometimes, we tend to think drones categorized for beginners are the ones suitable for the youngsters. However, you need to understand, there is a difference between the drones for older adults and the kids. If you are unsure about which drone to introduce for your kids, this guide will make it easier for you.

While reviewing the top drones for kids, we have mostly covered mini drones and even drones with cameras. We assure you, while operating any of these drones, the kids will not find them complicated. While reviewing the best drone for people within 10 years old, we prioritized drones having a simple mechanism and the ones that can be the right learning curve for them. 

Here are the Top 7 Drones for Kids alongwith their features and comparison:

Serial No. Image Name Camera Flying Range Flying Time Weight Recommended Age Check Best Price
1 Holy Stone Mini Drone Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC No 80 m 8 min 408g 14 years and above Check Best Price
2 GoolRC Mini Drone GoolRC T36 Mini Drone No 30 m 5 min 21g 14 years and above Check Best Price
3 SYMA X5C Drone SYMA X5C Yes 30 m 7 min 726g 14 years and above Check Best Price
4 DJI Tello drone DJI Tello Yes 100 m 13 min 272g 8 years and above Check Best Price
5 Altair Drone Altair #AA108 Yes 100m 10 min 85g 14 years and above Check Best Price
6 Parrot Mini Drone Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone No 20m 9 min 63.5g 12 years and above Check Best Price
7 Haktoys Drone HAKTOYS HAK907C Yes 91m 10 min 200g 14 years and above Check Best Price

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC

You could not have asked for a better drone for your kids. At first sight, you will appreciate its size. It belongs to the Mini drones category, which makes it convenient for the youngsters to handle it. Guardians should supervise the kids when they desire to fly the ufo drone, and going by the positive reviews of satisfied customers, your kids will love it.

For those looking for a drone with a camera for kids, might look for the other option. However, if you are interested in making a kid learn the basics of flying a drone, HS 170 is a perfect choice. It offers three speed modes, and those who start flying for the first time can do so with the slowest mode. Gradually, as they master the flying skills, they can switch to the super-fast mode for maximizing the thrill.

The USP of HS 170 is its simplicity. Furthermore, you get the advantage of 6-Axis Gyro Technology, and its ability to perform flip and roll. You can initiate all the functions with s push-button. It also includes a remote controller that makes it easier controlling the drone.

You need to carry spare batteries as the flight time is around 8 minutes. It takes a little over an hour to recharge the batteries, and when fully charged, it can fly up to 80m. The lightweight drone is robust and can sustain abrupt falls and collisions. The manufacturer also includes spare propellers, in case the existing ones get damaged. It is incredibly affordable and certainly worth a buy.


Very affordable.

Robust can sustain crashes.

Includes spare propellers.

Three different speed modes.

FAA registration is not necessary.


The absence of control buttons in the remote.

It does not include a camera.

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2. GoolRC T36 Mini Drone

When you look at the GoolRC T36, you might think it is a toy. Nevertheless, this is the best part, as it instantly appeals to young minds, and is one of the best kid friendly drones. It does have the features you would appreciate at such an affordable price. The best part, it does not require any assembly. It is ready to fly as soon as you unbox it.

Since the drone is small in size, you have to remain cautious while flying it outdoors. Chances are, it can get lost amidst the bushes, long grasses, and trees. Preferably, use it in open and wide spaces. For first-time users, controlling this UAV might seem to be a challenge. It moves at a brisk pace, and it takes a while getting used to it.

The remote control will make it convenient controlling the operations of the drone. Just like the first drone we talked about earlier, this one too has a 6-axis Gyro Flight Control Technology. Thus the drone remains steady while in flight. It can efficiently perform flips and rolls with the help of the one-touch button. The drone can also resist crashes and collisions. Overall, it has the potential to become the right learning curve for the youngsters.

You will find the “Return” button to be very useful. As mentioned earlier, if the drone gets out of sight, pressing the return button will make it come back to the base. The 5-minute flight time might not make you smile. You have to make use of the spare battery that comes with it for extending the fun a little more. The charging time is quick, and you should be ready for the next flight soon.


Robust and crash-resistant.

Battery recharge time is quick.

Return function.

Very responsive to commands


Poor flight time.

It can take some time getting used to it.

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Finally, your search for a camera drone for kids ends here. This drone is a bit bigger than the ones we reviewed earlier, but it is still lightweight, and children can handle it without any problems. When you introduce the kids to this drone, they will become familiar with their first lessons of aerial photography and even shooting videos.

Syma X5C also does not require any assembly, and it is ready to go as soon as you unbox it. We keep reiterating since children will control these drones, simple design and comfortable controls are essential criteria. This drone does not disappoint. The drone can resist gusty winds as it comes with the 6-axis Gyro stabilization. You get a 7-minute flight time, which for many, is below-par flight time. Needless to say, you should carry spare batteries when flying this UAV.

You can guide the youngsters about utilizing all the nine control options for maneuvering the drone. It can travel a distance of around 30m, which again is not so great. The 2MP HD 720p camera gives the kids the perfect opportunity for learning aerial photography. The camera is removable. Without the camera, the drone can provide an extended flight time.

The affordable drone will delight young minds. Flying it is super-fun, and there is nothing to be worried about if it bumps mid-air with something. Do not let the looks of the 2.4G transmitter intimidate you. It works exceedingly well. The LCD indicators are also an excellent addition.


720p HD camera (removable).

Headless flight mode.

Spare parts of the drone are readily available.

Resistant to abrupt landings.


The battery charge time is extended.

The flight time is short.

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4. DJI Tello

DJI being synonymous with drones, it was expected, the company will have something up its sleeves for the kids. DJI Tello combines fun, along with educating the youngsters in a precise manner. They can control the operations via a smartphone or computer. A coding system, “Scratch,” lets the kids explore and create various features of the drone.

Tello not only helps the kids, but it can also be one of the best choices for the elderly. You won’t find a better drone for 10-year-old. It indeed incorporates considerable bells and whistles than the previous drones we discussed thus far. As you can expect with DJI drones, a flight time of 13 minutes and a range of 100m makes it way ahead of its nearest competitors.

The camera takes 5MP stills and shoots videos at 720p at 30fps. Additionally, the lens offers a field view of 82.6 degrees, which is quite remarkable. Again, do not compare the picture and video quality with some of the premium drones, it does more than a decent job. Powered by dual antennas and electronic image stabilization, these features make it an ideal choice for every newcomer.

Kids can also share videos on social media platforms via a smartphone or computer. If you wish to explore and experiment further with this drone, it offers compatibility with VR headsets too. It goes without saying all these features makes it compelling to buy and use the drone at least once.


Packed with features.

Very affordable price.

Compatible with VR headsets and Bluetooth.

Various flight modes,

Long flight time and range.


Lacks GPS feature.

The one-key return feature is not there.

Overall the camera footage is average.

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5. Altair #AA108

Here is one more drone that will appeal equally to both the kids and the adults. Youngsters would love experimenting with the three flying modes, one-button take-off, and landing. The field of view of the camera is even better than that of DJI. It offers a 120-degree view via its 720p camera. However, some other factors make it lag behind its competitors.

Nevertheless, there is a lot at stake for the youngsters. For example, they would love the FPV experience. Kids can take their time learning the various operations of this drone. The three flying modes will let them master the art of becoming a pilot precisely. The feature-rich drone is one of the must-haves for kids, according to us.

It would not be wrong if we refer this drone as the ideal training craft for kids. Its impressive flight range, along with flight time, gives ample opportunity to the young minds to explore. Furthermore, it includes features like out-of-range alarms and low-battery alarms. The 720p and 120-degree full angle camera ensure decent aerial photos and videos.

While flying the drone, the role of a smartphone is imperative. You require making use of an app for incorporating all its features to the full extent. The battery charging time is impressive. However, you will have a hard time trying to fly it in windy conditions. The absence of camera stabilization is also a letdown. If you operate it in stable weather conditions, it should be more than a handful for the kids.


It provides excellent value for money.

FPV feature.

It comes with a spare battery.

Comfortable and safe flight modes for kids.


Hard to fly in windy conditions.

Absence of camera stabilization.

The flight time could have been better.

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6. Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone

With a camera drone in hand, why should you miss out on the fun of not being able to shoot during the night! As the name of this drone suggests, once it goes airborne, brace yourself for serious fun. The two LED lights are adjustable. It helps by adjusting the light levels.

Kids will learn better when they fly the drone indoors. The Free Mini App that comes with it lets you control the drone effortlessly. The product is very durable and can successfully handle crashes and collisions. The charging time of the batteries is surprisingly quick. Once the kids gradually get accustomed, they can try and do some stunts too.

Perhaps the manufacturer of this drone was hell-bent on keeping the drone lightweight. Thus, the presence of the lightweight inbuilt VGA camera does not put pressure on the overall weight of the drone. Kids can click pictures and videos with this drone and save them to a 16GB SD card.

The bright colors, stunt performing ability, and super cool design of the drone will appeal instantly to children. Compared to the other drones we reviewed so far, this one is a bit pricey. Moreover, it is ready to fly but preferably indoors. It cannot withstand the effects of gusty winds. Overall, the small size and lightweight drone can be on your wish list.


Incredibly fast charging.

Bright and adjustable LED headlights.

It can perform stunts.

Ideal for the kids and beginners.


The flight time is less.

Incapable of shooting videos.

It cannot be used in windy conditions.

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How about surprising everyone with a drone that does not look like one? With the price in which you can avail of this drone, you will not want to look elsewhere. It is more of a camera-ready drone. It does not include a camera, but there is a camera kit that lets you attach a camera easily.

The ready-to-fly drone is incredibly easy to master. After experimenting with it for a while, it should not take too long before your kid can maneuver the mini drone in the way they prefer. It offers you three-speed modes, and some of the other features include the 6-axis gyroscope for auto stabilization.

The size of the drone appears bigger for the sake of the kids. But, it is lightweight, so they should be able to handle it without any issues. Initially, it is advisable to practice indoors, as the drone is not wind-resistant and can crash when an inexperienced pilot is operating it. Soon, they will learn how to get the best aerial shots with this drone.

The remote control that comes with the drone has a wide array of powers. Some of them like throttle, rudder, and so on are all worth trying. The drone has a flight range of 91m and a flight time of 10 minutes. However, once the battery drains, recharging it can take more than 90 minutes. So, it would help if you carry spare batteries for extending the flight duration. You can consider this model for your kid, and they will not regret it.


Easy handling.

Capable of performing 360-degree loops.

Good flight range.



Its performance becomes wayward in windy conditions.

Battery charging time is not good.

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