If you are looking for the best drones under thousand bucks, you have reached the right place. We have gone the extra mile for you in researching and reviewing the best drones under $1000. With their impressive features, they pack quite a punch, and fit your requirements perfectly.
Our Rankings below are based purely on User reviews with respect to price so the higher ranked need not have more features really.

The 10 best drones under $1000 (Based on flying time)

Serial No. Image Name Camera Range Time Weight Ranking Check Best Price

DJI Mavic Pro 4K 6000m 25 min 1.64lbs 6 Check Best Price

Autel X-Star 4K 2000m 25 min 3.52 lbs 2 Check Best Price
Parrot Anafi 4k Camera Drone

Parrot Anafi 4K 4000m 25 min 0.82lbs 8 Check Best Price
Dji phantom 3 professional drone

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K 2000m 22 min 2.82lbs 4 Check Best Price
Parrot Bebop 2 drone

Parrot Bebop 2 14MP 2000m 22 min 1.10lbs 7 Check Best Price
Aee Ap11 drone
AEE AP11 16MP 500m 22 min 3.52lbs 10 Check Best Price
dji spark mini drone

DJI Spark 1080p 2000m 15 min 0.66lbs 3 Check Best Price
holy stone hs100

Holy Stone HS100 Drone 720p 500m 15 min 1.54lbs 1 Check Best Price
zerotech dobby drone

Zero Tech Dobby 13MP 100m 9 min 0.43Lbs 9 Check Best Price
Eachene E58 Quadcopter

Eachene E58 Quadcopter 720p 100m 9 min 0.21lbs 5 Check Best Price
  1. DJI Mavic Pro

As is evident from the list above, DJI is dominating the market amongst other drone manufacturers and for all the right reasons. ThePro is undoubtedly one of their best products packed with incredible features.

Probably, while searching for the best drones, you are aware, DJI has launched Mavic Pro2. You get identical features in the Mavic Pro, and that too at half the price of its successor.

 At first sight, you will love its design. The package includes an extra battery, remote controller, 16GB MicroSD Card, 3 x 8330 quick release folding propellers for Mavic drone, and Gimbal Clamp.

The camera is the highlight of this drone. It captures stunning aerial shots, both photos, and videos, courtesy of its 4K camera. That it comes with a 1/2.3” CMOS image sensor lets it capture 12MP images with HDR. Furthermore, it can also create 32MP spherical panorama shots.

The flight range of up to 6 kilometers and 25 minutes of airtime, Mavic Pro, can give a good run for money to the frontrunners of the expensive drones.


It has a flight autonomy feature. Thus, it can detect obstacles from at least 15m away.

It supports vision-based protection, facial recognition, altitude hold, and one-key takeoff and landing.

The Smart Obstacle Avoidance powered by TOF technology can be very helpful.


Mavic Pro is difficult to control in windy conditions, owing to its compact size.

The gimbal assembly is not sturdy.

The small legs of the drone can result in problems during take-offs and landings.


There is a lot to like about the Mavic Pro. When it comes to portability, there cannot be a better choice. Despite the slight drawbacks it possesses owing to its lightweight and compactness, it is one of the best drones to consider at an affordable budget.


2. Autel X-Star

Image result for autel x-star drone

Autel X-Star has all the ingredients and features to lock horns with some of the more established drone manufacturers. Interestingly, it seems to borrow its looks and features from one of the premium drone manufacturer’s products. But, it does have a good camera for aerial photography. Even at high speeds, the gimbals connected to the drone stay put.

Its flight range is lesser in comparison to some of the best drones, but the flying time of around 25 minutes deserves mention. Flying the drone at a higher altitude yields the best results.

The inclusion of an intelligent battery propels it to fly for such a prolonged duration. While descending, the drone tends to wobble a bit, but it makes a smooth landing.


The 4.2K camera quality takes UHD pictures.

It has a dual GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning system.

It is sturdy and can last for long.


It lacks the system for avoiding obstacles.

Sometimes, loss of signal and video lags can happen.

It can be a problem controlling it in windy conditions.


You have every reason to love this drone. It is cheaper than the products of the reputed manufacturers, and its camera feature rightfully deserves all the bells and whistles.


3. Parrot Anafi

Parrot is a trusted name in the world of drones. Parrot emphasizes more on drones that have several exciting and playful features instead of focusing on the essentials. Anafi, however, has turned several heads, as it has a wide array of features that makes the device one of the frontrunners in this genre.

The hinged arms of the drone tend to fold inwards, and it is clear, the manufacturer has emphasized on its flight range. The inclusion of a 4K camera that shoots HDR videos works wonderfully well. Coupled with features like 180-degree tilt, and HDR zoom (lossless zooming), at an affordable price, the drone surely deserves attention.

The 25 minutes of runtime that can cover about 2Kms should appeal to every drone lover. Given that, controlling the drone is a breeze, and the controls are courteous and responsive, Anafi can be the right choice for you.


Portable and lightweight design.

Exceptional camera with HDR capabilities.

Lossless Zoom, and 180-degree gimbal.


Anafi does not have an obstacle avoidance feature.


Ignore the trifle drawbacks. Anafi has the potential of an exceptional drone. The drone’s great zooming and tilting abilities and of course, the way it captures images and videos are enough reasons for you to be a proud owner of this device.


4. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Image result for DJI Phantom 3 Professional

You do not have much choice but to fall for this drone as it packs a wide array of features. Its size, ease of use, drop-dead looks, and of course, the price makes it an ideal choice for drone fanatics.

The successor of previous Phantom drones is available in professional and advanced versions. The professional version lets the user to shoot 4K movies and has several enhancements from its predecessor. The more extended flight range is a bonus. Despite the release of newer models from the same manufacturer, Phantom 3 Professional retains its charm.

In a nutshell, the Phantom 3 professional has all the ingredients you expect from a drone. We have seldom come across such a welcome combo of flight and camera control.


Flight control is effortless.

The best video quality in all conditions.

Compact and lightweight.


Android app lags at times.

Absence of an autopilot.

The batteries can are expensive.


First-time users will find Phantom 3 Professional the easiest to fly. Photographers and videographers will love this drone particularly. With its all-round abilities that include taking stunning videos, you have more than one reason to buy it.


5. Parrot Bebop 2

We did not have high expectations about Parrot Bebop 2 initially, considering its price under $300. However, it is a seriously powerful device and deserves a place in the top list. Beginners of aerial photography could not ask for anything better.

The 14MP camera has an electronic image stabilization feature, which works pretty good. Considering its price, keeping high expectations was never on the cards, but as mentioned, it does more than a decent job.

Parrot has introduced welcome changes by adding a more powerful battery, and thus it propels the drone to have a better flight time after charging it fully.

Interestingly, it is also a dual-GPS drone and includes useful features. The 22 minutes runtime at a brisk pace of around 40mph should impress the drone lovers.


The full HD wide lens camera.

Intelligent flight modes.

Affordable price.


The flight mode features are not free.


At $300, comparing the Bebop 2 with other devices would be unfair. However, its flight range and camera quality will never let you feel letdown if you consider investing in this drone.


6. AEE AP11

Here we have another affordable drone. AEE is relatively a new name in the world of drone manufacturers. But, it has done full justice with its product. It would be unfair to compare with the mainstream drones. Again, this can be the right choice for novices. Let us probe deeper.

AP11 boasts of a 16MP camera for clicking still images and captures FHD footage. Its 3-axis gimbal stabilization is the most surprising inclusion. Least do you expect such a feature on a product available at such an affordable price.

The flight time of around 22 minutes after charging it, surely demands accolades for its performance. The flight range is low, but you have little to complain when you are buying a drone at a price of one-tenth of the regular drones.


Excellent camera quality.

3-axis gimbal stabilization.

The impressive flight time

Auto return to home function


The flight range is only 500 meters.


AP11 is pretty much a toy for the bigger boys. For those, just staring with drones, they can try the device for gaining initial experience. AP11 never boasts of powerful features, but it has enough to keep everyone interested.


7. DJI Spark

This product from DJI is ideal for amateur drone lovers. Professionals will not regard it as useful. That said, there is a healthy population who want to experience the basic functionalities of a drone. Spark can be the perfect option for such people.

It is incredibly small and can fit in your palm. Being a drone for the novices, it has a low profile and does not aim to compete with the other DJI manufactured devices. It is a decent performer for the casual user.

Spark gives you fifteen minutes of flying time and has a range of two kilometers. The noteworthy feature is the miniature FHD camera with a 2-axis gimbal that helps the device to get optimal image stabilization.

Using this drone is easy, and some of its features like FaceAware, it provides the user freedom to use it as they want. Furthermore, the drone comes with a host of safety features. It ensures both the user and drone are safe while operating it.


The drone is lightweight and compact.

The feature, such as subject tracking, gives the drone a new dimension.


The flying time is short.

It has a limited range and speed.

The controller for this drone needs to be purchased separately.


Spark does have a fair share of drawbacks. But it is a pocket-sized dynamite. It includes tons of features for the user to explore. Available at a moderate budget, Spark is best for those who want to experience the functionalities of a drone hands-on without having to break the bank.


8.Holy Stone HS100 Drone

Here is one more budget-friendly drone. The drone comes from a Chinese company; it has been in the limelight since the launch of its first drone. The HS100 is an upgrade over its earlier drones with some useful features.

The stable HD camera and inbuilt GPS adds to the versatility despite its lower price tag. There are not many drones in this price range, offering a flight time of 15 minutes. Additionally, the return to home feature initiates automatically when the battery is low. The follow me, quick launch, and headless mode are useful features.

The 720p camera comes with a 90” tilt. It clicks pictures and videos and saves them automatically on its microSD card. The best part, the drone remains stable even when it is put to the test in extreme conditions.


The drone is capable of reaching an altitude of 120m.

It remains steady even in windy conditions.

Beginners and kids can also use the drone owing to its user-friendly controls.


3 to 6 hours of charging time is disappointing.

The 720p camera does not click decent pictures.

Sometimes connectivity issues are prevalent.


HS100 is not for professionals. Though it has some cool features that are present in the premium-range drones, there are still many areas where the company needs to improve. Nevertheless, we recommend this drone for those who love to have some fun, with an easy-to-fly drone.


9. Zero Tech Dobby

Selfie drones are fast becoming the favorite device of the masses. Zero Tech Dobby is one such drone. It comes with some unique features that let them click selfies of the most excellent quality.

Interestingly, Zero Tech Dobby hardly resembles a drone when folded. Also, it looks quite different compared to the available Selfie drones in the market. A hatch on either side aids the arms to fold correctly.

As already mentioned, this drone is more useful for Selfie enthusiasts. So, it does not boast of a great flying range and time. The HD camera might not be as powerful as some of the other Selfie drones, but it does a decent job. That the drone can be controlled via gesture sensors or the smartphone app, makes it an attractive candidate in this list.


Zero Tech Dobby is very stable.

GPS and Glonass feature help in catching satellite signals.

The SnapDragon quad-core processor is a welcome inclusion.


During windy conditions, trying to get image stabilization is always a big challenge.

It is noisy.

It has no provisions for avoiding obstacles.


At a price this drone is available, we consider it a worthy alternative for every drone lover. Features like GPS and Glonass, along with the 13MP camera, promises some good selfies. Selfie lovers do have a look.


10. Eachene E58 Quadcopter.

A drone that costs less than $100, yes, you read it right. It resembles one of the drones of DJI, but understandably lacks those advanced features of the more expensive drones. Nevertheless, at under $100, a drone that is capable of flying 9 minutes is quite acceptable.

The 720p HD Camera also comes with an adjustable angle. The quality of aerial photos and videos is acceptable. The FPV mechanism of this drone lets the drone establish a connection to smartphones.

Eachene E58 includes functions like one-button return, 3D Flips, headless mode, and 3D speed modes. The flight range is only 100m. So, professionals, stay away from this device. The beginners will appreciate this drone. The best feature has to be the 6 axis gyroscope altitude feature for smooth videos and pictures.


Cheap and affordable price.

Tons of features to explore.


Not suitable to fly in windy conditions

The short flight time and range.


Eachene E58 is tailor-made for the new kids on the block wanting to fly a drone. Users should overlook the limitations of the drone, taking into account it is price. Precisely, those of you are searching for a drone that is inexpensive and packs some cool features. Eachene E58 is a winner for all the right reasons. Try it out; let it be your first step getting familiar with the various aspects of a drone.


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